Youth Symposium 2022

The youth symposium „Geomorphology in Quaternary Research” will be held from 28.06 to 01.07.2022 in Władysławowo Borucino (Northern Poland). The symposium will be organized under the auspice of INQUA TERPRO Committee, International Association of Geomorphologist and The Association of Polish Geomorphologists.

It will be the first Peribaltic Working Group meeting dedicated to Early Career Researchers. ECRs from outside the PWG and TERPRO community are also invited to the meeting.

The International Association of Geomorphologists offers 2 grants of 300 euros to favour the participation of Young Geomorphologists worldwide (except those based Poland). You can apply for an IAG grant to attend this event sending an application form – more details here:

You can download 1st circular here.

and the second circular here