Young geomorphologists

Since 2006 the Workshops for Young Geomorphologists have been organized in Poland by different universities under the auspices of Polish Association of Geomorphologists (SGP). These meetings were inspired by the workshops for doctoral students organized by the British Society for Geomorphology (Windsor Workshop). The initiator of these meetings in Poland was Dr. Agnieszka Latocha (University of Wrocław). Their main aim is to introduce young people (students in their final years of studies and doctoral students) interested in geomorphology to the scientific world. The previous workshops took place in Obrzycko near Poznań (2006, 2007, 2009), Podlesice on the Polish Jurassic Highland (2010), Sokołowsko in the Sudetes (2011), Piotrków Trybunalski (2012), Lublin (2013, 2018), Biała Góra on the Wolin island (2014), Gdańsk (2015) and Łódź (2019).

In 2019 we have decided to expand the activity of young geomorphologists* in Poland and create a group that will bring together all young scientists interested in geomorphology.

The main objectives of the group of young geomorphologists in Poland working under the auspices of the SGP and the IAG are:

  • exchange of knowledge and experience
  • establishing cooperation between different universities and research institutions
  • exchange of information on conferences, summer schools, grants, scholarships, internships, especially those addressed to young geomorphologists
  • promotion of research of young geomorphologists in Poland and abroad.

In 2019, the IAG also decided to become more involved in building a community of young geomorphologists across the world. Information on the IAG network of young geomorphologists can be found here.

The first meeting of national delegates of young geomorphologists within the IAG was held in Milan in June 2019. The reports of this meeting are available on the website: SGP and IAG.

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* The authorities and national delegates of the IAG adopted the following definition of a young geomorphologists (early career researchers) at the last regional conference in Athens in September 2019:

Undergraduate or postgraduate students or scientists who have received their highest degree (i.e. BSc, MSc or PhD) within the past seven years. Provided parental leave fell into that period, up to one year of parental leave time may be added per child, where appropriate.)